Saturday, April 16, 2016

N is for Not Done Yet

The new yarn for the lining arrived today!

Knit Picks Palette, "Blue," 100% wool, fingering weight
I'll need to do some swatching to see what size needle and how many stitches I'll need to pick up to make a lining that fits neatly inside the mitten.  In the meantime, there are a few things I need to deal with on said mitten.

Those nefarious, nauseating, noodly ends.

Normally I wait until the very end of a project to even think about weaving in ends, but because these mittens will be lined, the ends need to be tucked away as I go or there will be nowhere to put them.  Ends are most invisible when woven in on the wrong side of the fabric, and the wrong sides will be hidden inside the linings once all is said and done.

Needs must.

Now, the good news is that there are only four ends altogether, the absolute minimum on a mitten (starting yarn, top tail, starting yarn on the thumb (not shown in the picture), thumb tail), since at no point did I have to join a second color or a new ball.  Bonus good news - I weighed the finished mitten, including ends, and it weighs exactly 25 grams, and since it was knitted from a 50 gram ball of yarn, that means there is exactly enough yarn left to make the second mitten with the same number of ends - I won't run short and have to join a new ball of yarn.

So I'll break out my darning needle, and see you all on Monday.


  1. I'm a very novice knitter and mittens seem out of my ability range right now. But I certainly do love yours - what wonderful colors you've chosen!

    1. Thank you! There are definitely simpler mitten patterns that you could try when you're feeling more confident about it, too. Have you tried any knitting in the round yet?

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