Tuesday, April 19, 2016

P is for Picking up Stitches

As previously mentioned, in preparation for this post I swatched with my new Knit Picks yarn to see what size needles I would potentially be using to pick up the stitches for the lining.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could just keep using the size 2 needles I used for the main body of the mitten - with the fingering weight they provided me with 9 stitches per inch, precisely the gauge I wanted.  It should allow me to pick up the same number of stitches so that I could just keep to the pattern and create what is basically a slightly smaller mitten attached to the inside of the main mitten for an extra layer of warmth and wind protection.

Here is where I pick up my stitches.

This is the cuff turned inside out.  See the line of right-leaning stitches, right below?  Starting at the beginning of the round (discernible by the little bump of the slip-knot that was the start of my cast-on row), I insert my needle into each leaning stitch and knit into it using the lining yarn, until I have 44 stitches picked up, all the way around.

Just keep knitting, just keep knitting . . .

Up, up, up.  Hopefully the row gauge works out as well, otherwise I'll have to engage in some jiggery-pokery with the numbers to figure out how to make the the gusset, thumb, and decreases fit properly into place, but that's fodder for another post, and I'm perfectly pleased to procrastinate.

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