Friday, April 29, 2016

Y is for Young and restless

Youth is perhaps not to blame for my yarn infidelity, but whatever the reason, my heart has certainly gone astray from this project.

Yarn-related pursuits that are not mittens:

This Civil War sock:

My car knitting

This Lucy Neatby sock from her free Craftsy class:

My bedtime knitting

This crazy crochet washcloth:

Starts with a thread mesh, then you crochet ruffles into it. Why not?

This beaded shawlette that I unearthed from deep in the unfinished object collection:


Yes, I have been faithless. Yet I do promise to finally complete the pair, at least by next fall, since they aren't just display pieces -my son really will be wearing them.

There you are

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  1. All very nice though!! Admire people who can create such beautiful things from yarn! Congrats for being so close to finishing the challenge!